Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Hiatus

I think everyone takes a hiatus sometimes. Here is a long needed update. (though not comprehensive) Please enjoy the following mail candy. ^-^

I give you, some of the best mail art I have made over the last few months.

 For a mail art call. There is still time to enter if you would like! Tell Me Tell Me Secrets--Secret Exchange Project. It's a really neat project! The Australia deadline is over, but you can still send things to South Korea. The requirements are a bit strict for this mail art call (they have some specific measurements they prefer you to conform to), but the project was so intriguing, I overlooked them. I'm still working on my submission for the South Korea project.

The idea behind the project is that you send secrets in to the call. The envelopes holding the secrets will be posted in a gallery. And some person viewing the gallery will choose your envelope and write you with their own secrets. Ooh! The mystery! The intrigue! The suspense! It kills me!! Doesn't it sound wonderfully awesome?!?! I thought so too.

 A submission for another project. A rubber stamp type project. I got a giant poster filled with other stamp carvings and it was beautiful!! Highly reccommended if you carve your own stamps.

 The sticker on this piece, my cousin ripped off a telephone pole in Colorado!
 I learned how to emboss!!
 This envelope, I made out of a picture I found in the newspapers, taken when the riots in Egypt were happening earlier this year.

A postcard I sent to South America. I actually got a reply, but it was in Portuguese! And it was very difficult to decipher. If you or someone you know can read Portuguese, could you please please please give them my email? dameesh_95 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

 Some fish and shark art I made for PJ. If you look closely at the fish, you will see that it is a stamped image. Which I happened to carve myself out of an eraser!! I was so proud of it! The semblance the red paint has to blood was unintentional but it worked out nicely for me in this case.
And I hand drew the shark on the back.

A reply for Katie who sent me a wonderful zine on the subject of strangers. It was so wonderful, I was quite inspired to write back with my own cryptic sentiments.

 This shoe lace looking threading was so difficult to figure out! But it looked so cool!

This was a new technique that I tried out. For a 1001 Journals user. I took a magazine picture and painted a light coat of white over it. Then I painted over the picture with colors I had on hand.

Here is the technique again.

barf bag mail inspired by a trip to San Francisco I took in May.

 Some Marilyn Monroe mail art for a newer penpal.

Teabag mail art!

I tried to provide minimul commentary to reduce eyestrain. And there are not any of the wonderful mail I have received. (I am particularly bad at photographing the mail I receive.)

Lately, I've vanished from the face of the earth where communication is concerned so if you've written me, but I haven't responded, please don't despair. I am dreadfully behind on the mail pile but working to catch up. (And yet, here I am, blogging the night away when I could be a mail making machine... Ah well.)

Hope y'all are having a wonderful mail week!

cheerfully and presently yours,