Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of Exciting Stuff!!!

Exciting stuff!!!!

Update from Japan!! Stephanie got my letter late last night (which was actually in the morning for her.) I tried to figure out how many days it took to get there but with the international date line... I got really thrown off. But I think it's about five or six days ish.


Mattea wrote me a quick letter last week. I was very happy with how this one turned out.

And finally, a reply out to Tara. I feel kinda bad for taking so long with my reply but it's a nice long letter. And the theme of this envelope is the 2012 Zombie-Dinosaur Apocalypse. On the back it has various slogans like "Be Prepared" and "It's Coming" and "Respect the Reptiles" etc. etc. It's great fun. The original one I sent to Kerri. They are a little bit different but same idea goin' on.
A super awesome letter from Milea!!! I love that girl! She is always so sweet!

The back.

Now, it's kinda funny. All this food is a bit of a joke. I lost like five pounds suddenly in a short amount of time so she has been encouraging me to eat more food, more often. Particularly three meals per day (which I happen to be really bad at...). In her last letter she said, "Now don't write me back until you can say you've eaten a lot!!!" So on the back of the envelope she has breakfast, lunch, and snack... and on the front she has dinner and dessert!! So funny! I love Milea!!

And also! I got a SURPRISE!!!!!

Goodies from the mailman!!!! Yeehaw!! I do believe I have the bestest mailman ever!!! His name is Chip and he left two letter openers and two mechanical pencils in our mailbox for me!!! Isn't that sweet?!?! 

I think that is all for today. I am working on some stuff that may or may not go out tomorrow... We'll see!

Treasure Hunting

You have gotta love them rummage sales!!! On Saturday, we went to a place called the Swap Meet and basically it is like a GINORMOUS rummage sale. Or lots of little garage sales. Either way...

I honestly thought the day was going to be a bust until the very end. The last place we stopped by had this box of fun papery items. All sorts of black and white photos and cool postcards and old stuff!! It was very cool. I stood over the box sifting through it and picking what I wanted and such. Then I went through what I picked out and pared down some things.

I ended up buying what you see in the picture above. A handful of black and white photographs, some postcards (really cool ones!) from Kyoto, Japan and a Daredevil comic book (because it looked cool.)

You know, it is a very odd feeling to look through someone else's discarded pictures. You get over it after a minute or so but still... very odd indeed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Have you ever been...nervous to send out your mail into the world?

This went out to my friend Stephanie in Japan yesterday. I was so paranoid about it getting there, I didn't do anything too crazy with it. (But since it  so obviously lacked something--oomph, I arranged the stamps differently than I usually do.) And I am anxious for this letter to reach its destination since there are actually two letters inside!! (That's what happens when I'm deprived of an address for a month and a half or so..) Because I don't understand Japanese addresses, I wasn't sure which part to cover up when I took the picture so hopefully there aren't any Japanese creepers around. If anyone could enlighten me on the Japanese postal system, that would be awesome!!! I think it'd be interesting to see how postal systems work in other countries... hmm.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Mail!!

Was not quite as busy this weekend as I might have been but no matter.


A letter for my friend Nicole. (that is recycled wrapping paper that you see!!!)

A quick fold and mail to an eight-year-old in Colorado. Via Sendsomething. (I send to people from there a lot..)


This beautiful piece arrived in my mailbox today and I was absolutely thrilled!!! it was amazing!! Tara sent me this amazing envelope!!

The backside. It was so pretty and happy. I just stared at it at my desk for a few minutes before I opened it. In my previous letter, I mentioned that I was a little jealous of all my friends' awesome stationery (because I hadn't been much of a stationery person before as I wrote sometimes ridiculously long letters..) so Tara sent me some really cute stationery (thank you so much!!). You will be seeing it in the near future. It has some super cute owls and elephants. And I think I am asking for stationery this Christmas!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mail Time!!!

Exciting stuff!!! No pictures of the incoming (cuz a lot of my friends don't really do mail art and sometimes seems kinda silly to take pictures of plain envelopes...just sayin')

But Outgoing:

This off to Ashley of SendSomething (I send a lot to my sendsomething peeps)

More of the same type of envelopes to Twinkie's Comic envelope in this post! So these envelopes had their humble beginnings as paper grocery bags (sad life isn't it?) But then I needed wrapping paper so I decided to make my own and I used the scrap to make envelopes. YAY!!! And bascially, it's just rubber stampage. (I sat at my desk for a good 45 minutes making it..) And I think I have at least one more envelope for one lucky person. You will probably be seeing that in the near future...

To Lovely Miss Milea!!! (my special pen friend!! My first ever penpal and still goin after 6 years!!)

And finally:

A doodly postcard to Lauren Probst in OK. Also, another person from SendSomething!!
Shoutouts also to Faustine and Melissa who I sent quick cards to.

As for the Incoming: I got three things today. A reply from Nicole for one of my spiderman envelopes that I sent her last week. Also a thank you note from my friend Cassie and the awesomest letter from my friend Christian!! All in the same day too!! YAYNESS!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Catch up

Okay, so I discovered that I am not the best at remembering to take pictures of the mail I send out... *sight* oh well...

About a week or so ago, I sent a letter off to Tara in Nevada

I found her through the Good Mail Day correspondents list but then this morning I stumbled across her blog!! (It's always so neat when that happens!!! I saw my mail on someone else's blog!!!)

And she sent me some amazing mail art!! (which I can't post pictures of because it is now on display on my wall and though I did take a picture, I neglected to blot out the address...pleh. I wish I was handier with the computer, that would be helpful. Then I could just swirl the address...but that's too easy...) Wow!! It is so awesome to get something pleasant from someone you don't know!! It really is!! I wrote a reply to her a few days ago but I was in a rush to get it in the mailbox so I didn't get any pictures. (Which is probably just as well as I take crappy pictures anyways...)

Then Today:

I got a great letter from Grace and it was made out of a comics page. I was trying to read some of the comics and it was really funny. Something about twinkies... (which if anything is about twinkies, it must be awesome right?)

Outgoing for tomorrow:
(because I missed the mailman today, and didn't feel like chasing him down the street again.... =D I need to buy a 98¢ stamp from him...)

Another fuzzy picture (maybe I should just take a photography class and get it over with...) The fortune in the bottom corner says, "your eyes will soon be opened to a world full of beauty, charm, and adventure" and I thought that was perfect for the butterfly... This one is going off to a lady in the Philippines, whom I met through SendSomething! Question! If you are from the Philippines, does that make you Philippanese?? (I seriously asked her that. I hope she isn't offended...)

And this one is going to my friend Kenzie in OK. Can you keep a secret? I have no idea if she likes pink!! :) We'll just have to find out. I get the feeling that she doesn't (we're email/texting pals) but we'll just have to see. I don't like pink all that much either but this is okay because it's bright and obnoxious and catches the eye and makes you say "WOW!" We'll see how she likes it. So that's going out tomorrow and I am expecting a letter from Milea too. Yay! But for now, I am off to write Grace back!!!