Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Air Mail

I made mail art on an airplane!!

Yep, I made these on the plane with my portable mail art kit!! The man next to me was quite fascinated by the whole thing.


Node Pajome (not sure if that's his real name..) I sent him a $1.00 in postage and he sent me a super cool zine full of mail art calls and random awesome-ness!!

Here's what he sent back:

And the Zine looks like this:

It's really neat!

More mail:

 PC of the Golden Gate Bridge sent to Cricket/Lisa in WI.

Zelda in Switzerland. One of my new friends from NaNoWriMo.

Aunt Pam. (Who is actually, a friend's aunt but she is nice enough to be my aunt too!)

Postcard to Kyla Another Nano friend. Super sweet girl.

Chelsey, also known as "Clem" on Sendsomething

details on the stamp.

Postcard to Mattea. Also a plane creation. It's kinda hard to see but it says, "Usted habla espanol?"

And last but not least, some mail for Nicole! She's a fun gal! I love her mail!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

First mail out(s) of the New Year!

And-now that I got a camera for Christmas (this is the third one so far, and counting.), I can take pictures again! Yay! But now that I think about it, I don't think I have any pictures of the incoming... O_o Sorry.


 To Milea! On the back I included the "Queen of Hearts" (who made those tarts) nursery rhyme.

 Reply to Megs. We are passing a mail zine back and forth! It's very exciting. She has gotten me started on zines. I did one private one and I have another half-finished one which I haven't worked on in a while. I am really enjoying the process and it's fun to see what she writes in our zine every time I get her letters. It's called, "Making the Most of the Mundane."

 Mail art call submission for "Eerie Sights" which I found at the Mail-Art Forum . This postcard went to Germany and though it doesn't look quite like an eerie sight, there is a creepy story behind it.

 First letter of 2011!! (The others were sent in 2010)


 This one is for Jennie Hinchcliff . She finally wrote me back in early December and I just now got to it. I think she is a pretty busy lady. She sent the loveliest postcard! (which I neglected to take a picture of!) The quote says, "and one tall joker... scrawled upon a wall with his finger dipped in muddy-less--BLOOD. The time that was to come when that wine would be spilled on the street stones, and when the stain of it would be red upon many there...." It is a quote from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.

 For Angelia

 And last but not least, a reply for Nicole. As you can see from the corner, we've been sending this back and forth a couple times and adding onto it. It's great fun. You will probably see this in future posts at least a few more times.

The back.