Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of Exciting Stuff!!!

Exciting stuff!!!!

Update from Japan!! Stephanie got my letter late last night (which was actually in the morning for her.) I tried to figure out how many days it took to get there but with the international date line... I got really thrown off. But I think it's about five or six days ish.


Mattea wrote me a quick letter last week. I was very happy with how this one turned out.

And finally, a reply out to Tara. I feel kinda bad for taking so long with my reply but it's a nice long letter. And the theme of this envelope is the 2012 Zombie-Dinosaur Apocalypse. On the back it has various slogans like "Be Prepared" and "It's Coming" and "Respect the Reptiles" etc. etc. It's great fun. The original one I sent to Kerri. They are a little bit different but same idea goin' on.
A super awesome letter from Milea!!! I love that girl! She is always so sweet!

The back.

Now, it's kinda funny. All this food is a bit of a joke. I lost like five pounds suddenly in a short amount of time so she has been encouraging me to eat more food, more often. Particularly three meals per day (which I happen to be really bad at...). In her last letter she said, "Now don't write me back until you can say you've eaten a lot!!!" So on the back of the envelope she has breakfast, lunch, and snack... and on the front she has dinner and dessert!! So funny! I love Milea!!

And also! I got a SURPRISE!!!!!

Goodies from the mailman!!!! Yeehaw!! I do believe I have the bestest mailman ever!!! His name is Chip and he left two letter openers and two mechanical pencils in our mailbox for me!!! Isn't that sweet?!?! 

I think that is all for today. I am working on some stuff that may or may not go out tomorrow... We'll see!


  1. I heart Chip! Wow, serious mail carrier envy - yours is awesome.


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