Monday, August 30, 2010

Treasure Hunting

You have gotta love them rummage sales!!! On Saturday, we went to a place called the Swap Meet and basically it is like a GINORMOUS rummage sale. Or lots of little garage sales. Either way...

I honestly thought the day was going to be a bust until the very end. The last place we stopped by had this box of fun papery items. All sorts of black and white photos and cool postcards and old stuff!! It was very cool. I stood over the box sifting through it and picking what I wanted and such. Then I went through what I picked out and pared down some things.

I ended up buying what you see in the picture above. A handful of black and white photographs, some postcards (really cool ones!) from Kyoto, Japan and a Daredevil comic book (because it looked cool.)

You know, it is a very odd feeling to look through someone else's discarded pictures. You get over it after a minute or so but still... very odd indeed.

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