Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Have you ever been...nervous to send out your mail into the world?

This went out to my friend Stephanie in Japan yesterday. I was so paranoid about it getting there, I didn't do anything too crazy with it. (But since it  so obviously lacked something--oomph, I arranged the stamps differently than I usually do.) And I am anxious for this letter to reach its destination since there are actually two letters inside!! (That's what happens when I'm deprived of an address for a month and a half or so..) Because I don't understand Japanese addresses, I wasn't sure which part to cover up when I took the picture so hopefully there aren't any Japanese creepers around. If anyone could enlighten me on the Japanese postal system, that would be awesome!!! I think it'd be interesting to see how postal systems work in other countries... hmm.


  1. Afternoon,

    I just added your blog to my list of letter writing blogs. Hope you're having a great time connecting with people through the written word.

  2. Wow, JAPAN?! Now that's dedication. I hope it gets there without any problems.


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