Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mail Time!!!

Exciting stuff!!! No pictures of the incoming (cuz a lot of my friends don't really do mail art and sometimes seems kinda silly to take pictures of plain envelopes...just sayin')

But Outgoing:

This off to Ashley of SendSomething (I send a lot to my sendsomething peeps)

More of the same type of envelopes to Twinkie's Comic envelope in this post! So these envelopes had their humble beginnings as paper grocery bags (sad life isn't it?) But then I needed wrapping paper so I decided to make my own and I used the scrap to make envelopes. YAY!!! And bascially, it's just rubber stampage. (I sat at my desk for a good 45 minutes making it..) And I think I have at least one more envelope for one lucky person. You will probably be seeing that in the near future...

To Lovely Miss Milea!!! (my special pen friend!! My first ever penpal and still goin after 6 years!!)

And finally:

A doodly postcard to Lauren Probst in OK. Also, another person from SendSomething!!
Shoutouts also to Faustine and Melissa who I sent quick cards to.

As for the Incoming: I got three things today. A reply from Nicole for one of my spiderman envelopes that I sent her last week. Also a thank you note from my friend Cassie and the awesomest letter from my friend Christian!! All in the same day too!! YAYNESS!!!

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