Thursday, July 22, 2010

I was busy last nght!!

So, last night, after I got home from youth group, I started writing like a fiend. I managed to churn out three letters and one (long) postcard in the three hour period between 10 and 1 (because I'm crazy and I'm young and I can do that stuff and sleep it off later..) Then this morning, I sent off two regular AZ postcards to my cousins at camp. I was trying to beat the mailman to the mailbox so I promised them better, more creative mail in the next week. hee hee hee. I am going to have SO much fun writing them while they're at camp... *evil grin*

Here is what I made:

vintage folded postcard from the Gaslight restaurant in Phoenix. I have no idea how old this thing is; we got it at an estate sale. (Those places are the best for finding cool old stuff.)

This one (and also the following one), I went overboard with the staples but it was great fun. The quality is horrendous (sorry) so it's kinda hard to see but they're there. I adhered the fabric with rubber cement (love that stuff even though, it smells bad. you get used to it...) and then I stapled it to the envelope to make sure it wouldn't fall off. And of course, after I did that, I had to staple all the other stuff too just to make sure.

This one is a little more plain but it was starting to get late..I poured all my energy into the first one...

But still I crafted on!!! And as you can see, it gets progressively more bland as the night wore on. HOWEVER!!! For this one, the inside was full of surprises! :) And also, you can't see it but on the backside of this particular envelope there is a list of "You know you live in Arizone when..." which I thought was just too funny to keep to myself so I mailed it off!!

This next week should have some more interesting mail pictures as I will be writing my cousins. I already have plans for Spiderman, a butter box, and some crazy reptiles!!! yeehaw!!

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