Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Chase is On!

So this morning, I woke up late and upon realizing the time (nearly ten o'clock) and also the fact that I had five letters I wanted to go out and three of them still to write. Knowing our postman is quite speedy (which can be both a blessing and curse depending on how you look at it...) So I got crackin' writing away like a fiend. I got two out, decided not to write one of the people (my poor cousin at summer camp whom I never can tell if he appreciates what I send him or not..) and finished writing the other two people.

So I come out with my two pieces of mail that have to go out TODAY and my Mom tells me that the mail man already came and went. Devastated, I ran outside and there he was, going up the street. I stood at the mailbox and looked up at the street, judging whether or not it was worth giving up chase. In the three seconds it took to decide, I decided that the answer was "yes." Yes, chasing the mail man was worth it.

So, barefoot, I ran as fast as I could all the way up the street and I caught him!!! Ha ha ha ha. I caught him!! Nearly scared him half to death but nevertheless, I caught him. All the while, my sweet brother was standing in the front yard, cheering me on the whole way. On my way back, I threw up my hands in victory as I loped back. It was great. An absolutely fabulous chase! : )

Shoutouts to Anthony, Grace, Katrina in Florida, and Stephanie Rudolph in New York!
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the mail this time as I was in a rush to get it out the door.

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