Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've been procrastinating on posting for a little while but I am back!!

Lots of exciting things!!


I got a reply from Megs!! It was so cool!! She sent me her zine!! It was so awesome!! I'd never seen a zine before that. She also used the coolest Nancy Drew stationery!! It was neat!!

From my friend Nicole!

And THE MOST AMAZING envelope Ever!!!! From Tara!! It was so cool!! A nice long letter and a bunch of stickers and post cards and fun things!!! Man, it was hefty!! So amazing! It made me so happy!!

The back! Just as cool as the front!!


Reply to Nicole. See that stamp in the corner? From my grandma. I got a bunch of super cool fish stamps and I LOVE them!!!

A letter to my friend Bethany.

To Martina Koehler in Germany!!! This was the first letter I've sent to Germany. How exciting! I always love firsts don't you? I found her through SendSomething. I hope she likes it!!

Then my reply to Megs.

And that's all I have for now. I've been sending a lot of birthday cards out (we have like six september birthdays in the family.).

Also, things I've discovered:

Christian never got my bank robbing postcard!!! I am beginning to wonder what happened to it. My dad was like, "If the FBI show up here because of that, I don't want to talk to them." I think he was kidding but it hasn't shown up yet so I don't know. I didn't put a return address and I used a pseudonym ("the Secret Surgeon") so.... yeah I don't know. Can the post office confiscate suspicious mail???

Also I found out that I can't use first class stamps on international mail because other countries can't tell the amount of postage it represents!! Boo! First class stamps is all I have left right now!! I need to go to the post office.... Thankfully though, my letter to Stephanie arrived safely. But I won't use the first class stamps anymore.

Over and Out and making more mail!!

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  1. Haha, the post office ate up yr name sticker! How sad!


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