Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yay Three Day Weekends!!!

I wish I could say that all this loveliness that I'm about to show you is the result of hard toil over this glorious three day weekend that we just had.....but it's not. Some of it is from other days too I think. And I think the only bad thing about three day weekends is that the post office has the day off too! :( Nah they deserve it!!
Anyways, lots of pictures!!


Went to the P.O. box yesterday and got this amazingness from a lady in Wisconsin!!

and inside was another envelope that she sent me originally but which was returned to her,

I was so pleasantly surprised, I actually squealed!! ^-^


To Milea, my bestie. I wasn't going to do anything super special and then I came up with the idea to propose to her. It says, "Milea Dear? As I present you with these BEAUTIFUL doodled flowers, I have but one question: Will you marry me? (check one)" I gave her the options of "No" "Yes" and "YES 1,000 times!!!" and urged her to pick the last one. As you can see. I thought it would make her laugh.

To Glen Von Runkle in Illinois, I sent a letter in which I described all the people in the lobby of the doctor's office from my last visit and wondered aloud (on the page) about people watching. Then I sent the letter in a prescription bag from Wal-Mart!! And also a sample of my favorite tea. In response to my mail art, my dad said, "Are you sure it's not just a way to get rid of your junk?" Of course not Daddy!!!

My reply to Annette!

a postcard to Miss Jessica in Big Bear!! (she is visiting out there and I promised to send her some awesome stuff.)

"Meet me at midnight with the money at the opera house! Or else..." I really really wanted to send this to someone in Australia but I didn't just on the off chance that opera houses were actually open at midnight. But I wasn't sure so I sent it to someone from Send Something.

Then I had so much fun with the first postcard I made that I made this one!! "Lets go rob a bank. Usual time. Usual Place. Be there..." Sent to my friend Christian, I've been warning him about it. Usually my friends say "uh oh" when I tell them I will be sending something amazing their way... I wonder why? The meaning behind the postcard is rather an inside joke which would take a while to explain but he'll get a kick out of it.

And that's all I got for now. I'm working on some more mail. Got a letter from Lynsey today and it was nice. She and Matt are moving to Cyprus! I am going to have a penpal in CYPRUS!! Yeehaw!!!

Today I worked on a bunch of postcards but I don't know if I'll send them out just yet. (I like to keep them around for a little while before I send them out. Weird quirk I know.)

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  1. I picked up my mail on Sunday and got yr letter!! It was awesome!!! Thank you very much :)


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