Saturday, October 30, 2010

Desperate Times=Desperate Measures

To begin, I apologize for my absence and you may rest assured that these "desperate measures" do not involve the use of illegal postage. ☺

But they do involve the mailbox shown at left.

Since I had school, I missed the mail man and wasn't able to send this:

This is a fabulous birthday envelope that I sent to Christian, three days earlier than necessary (because I'm mean like that. ^-^) So, I walked to a blue mailbox (shown above) just so I could mail this letter. It was about 15 minutes there and 15 back- not such a long walk but still. I felt really awkward because it was right in front of a law office? (I don't remember what exactly it was..) But so I'm standing in front of this mail box and I have my camera out and I'm taking a picture of it! I so would've posed with it if there had been some one to take the picture and if it wasn't on a major street...


 THIS- was the most AMAZING letter ever!!! I got it a while back (a week or so ago? or three? I don't remember.) But I squealed when I saw it. I actually squealed. I held the envelope in my hands and I pranced and jumped around my parents saying, "It has monkeys and squirrels and pigeons and cheetoes and mountain dew!!!!" I was in a state of fabulous ecstasy. It. Was. Amazing. And she included a recipe for mountain dew cake! Which was awesome!
 Finally got a reply from Martina. It was loveley!! I'll admit, I kind of overlooked the mail art (being more interested in hearing what she had to say on my comments regarding happiness.) but when I realized that the newspaper was written in German? Oh yeah. It was far-out cool.
 A lovely letter from the lady at A Year of Letters Her name is Angelia and she is very nice!!

 Letter from Tara She gave me a mix CD!! It was so awesome!!! No one has ever sent me a mix CD! :) It was VERY exciting.


 Reply for Tara! She said the flower held up surprisingly well. Probably because I wrote "fragile" and "do not bend" all over the thing.
 This is the Mix CD I sent her! I'm really proud of how it turned out.

 This is my reply for Kim (who sent me the awesome squirrel mail..)

 Reply for Martina. Continuing the commentary on happiness. Her English is actually very good! We've been discussing the feeling of happiness and whether or not it is an illusion of the mind... it's been very interesting!

For Bethany.

This is a postcard I sent to a friend from NaNoWriMo. Check it out if you enjoy writing. The madness starts Monday!!! Yeehaw!! So I sent this girl, Anna, a postcard describing my favorite methods of staying awake for late nights of noveling: massive amounts of Mountain Dew and Flaming Hot Cheetoes!!!!!

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