Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lots of Pictures

 Ah, it's been a while since I put up pictures but I have a lot for you now!! And, may I add that, I do not like the new way of posting pictures. *edit* Just realized I already posted my incoming mail. Sorry!


 Reply to Tara. I sent her some rub-ons too! :)

^The backside.

 To Lynsey's Aunt Pam who has been a postcard penpal of sorts. That is a haiku which I don't recall the words exactly...but I think it says:
It's Dark out tonight.
The moon hides behind the clouds,
I can's see the stars.


Mail art call to a lady in Italy. Key to my heart. It says, "Write me a letter and I'll love you forever. Send me your wishes, your dreams and your thoughts and gladly I will give you my heart."
 Reply to Kyla in Oregon. She is a new penpal. She is almost like my twin!! So this is supposed to be a Coca Cola bottle but also representative of the west coast... Yeah I know it didn't turn out super great but that's okay.
 Letter to Christiana H. from SendSomething (I'm getting good at these html things!)

This to my Aunt in California!
This is a postcard going out to Cricket M in Wisconsin. AKA Lisa. Also a S2 contact. She sent me a postcard earlier this week. Okay, so for this one, I used rubber cement, scotch tape (My BFF!!), AND staples to get those candy wrappers to stay on there. Believe it or not, it's true! *nods*

And last but not least, some squirrel post for Milea!! Goodness I love love loooove squirrels!!!! I really do!! It's an...obsession? I suppose you could call it that. But I like to call it a fondness. I have a special fondness for squirrels....

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