Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Chase is On!

So this morning, I woke up late and upon realizing the time (nearly ten o'clock) and also the fact that I had five letters I wanted to go out and three of them still to write. Knowing our postman is quite speedy (which can be both a blessing and curse depending on how you look at it...) So I got crackin' writing away like a fiend. I got two out, decided not to write one of the people (my poor cousin at summer camp whom I never can tell if he appreciates what I send him or not..) and finished writing the other two people.

So I come out with my two pieces of mail that have to go out TODAY and my Mom tells me that the mail man already came and went. Devastated, I ran outside and there he was, going up the street. I stood at the mailbox and looked up at the street, judging whether or not it was worth giving up chase. In the three seconds it took to decide, I decided that the answer was "yes." Yes, chasing the mail man was worth it.

So, barefoot, I ran as fast as I could all the way up the street and I caught him!!! Ha ha ha ha. I caught him!! Nearly scared him half to death but nevertheless, I caught him. All the while, my sweet brother was standing in the front yard, cheering me on the whole way. On my way back, I threw up my hands in victory as I loped back. It was great. An absolutely fabulous chase! : )

Shoutouts to Anthony, Grace, Katrina in Florida, and Stephanie Rudolph in New York!
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the mail this time as I was in a rush to get it out the door.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Incoming from New York

Look what I got!! This lovely piece of mail came from Stephanie in New York. I was so pleasantly surprised to find this in my mailbox, I was speechless!! It was amazing!

The goodies inside... there was also a letter which I didn't take a picture of. She sent me something a while ago but it got returned because [facepalm] I put the wrong return address!!! I feel like such a dork!! I found her on the Good Mail Day Correspondents Call List of Addresses  and I wrote her and she wrote me back and then I found out that the address I left on that list was incorrect. Off by one number!! I've corrected it since then but I feel awful!!

Sigh. Oh well...

Spiderman Mail!

This morning, I sent out a volley of spiderman post. Shoutouts to Cousin Ben, Matt, and Anthony. As well as Grace D. and one to Katie N. Matt and Anthony are at summer camp this next week so they will be getting a lot of mail time.

In case you are horrified, mortified, or wondering, no comic books of rare value were destroyed in the process of making these envelopes (as far as I know. I don't think they were valuable but as I am not a comic book collector, I cannot say either way.) It's funny: it just makes me want to watch spiderman now!!! If only we had the movie... *sigh* Or cartoons or something. I might be in luck if it was saturday...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Incoming Mail!!!

Got the loveliest, longest, most amazing TWELVE page letter from Kerri today!!!!! It was a lovely surprise!! Sadly, the mail has been a little on the slow side of late. Kerri writes some of the nicest letters! I love her!

I was busy last nght!!

So, last night, after I got home from youth group, I started writing like a fiend. I managed to churn out three letters and one (long) postcard in the three hour period between 10 and 1 (because I'm crazy and I'm young and I can do that stuff and sleep it off later..) Then this morning, I sent off two regular AZ postcards to my cousins at camp. I was trying to beat the mailman to the mailbox so I promised them better, more creative mail in the next week. hee hee hee. I am going to have SO much fun writing them while they're at camp... *evil grin*

Here is what I made:

vintage folded postcard from the Gaslight restaurant in Phoenix. I have no idea how old this thing is; we got it at an estate sale. (Those places are the best for finding cool old stuff.)

This one (and also the following one), I went overboard with the staples but it was great fun. The quality is horrendous (sorry) so it's kinda hard to see but they're there. I adhered the fabric with rubber cement (love that stuff even though, it smells bad. you get used to it...) and then I stapled it to the envelope to make sure it wouldn't fall off. And of course, after I did that, I had to staple all the other stuff too just to make sure.

This one is a little more plain but it was starting to get late..I poured all my energy into the first one...

But still I crafted on!!! And as you can see, it gets progressively more bland as the night wore on. HOWEVER!!! For this one, the inside was full of surprises! :) And also, you can't see it but on the backside of this particular envelope there is a list of "You know you live in Arizone when..." which I thought was just too funny to keep to myself so I mailed it off!!

This next week should have some more interesting mail pictures as I will be writing my cousins. I already have plans for Spiderman, a butter box, and some crazy reptiles!!! yeehaw!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

First Post


Although I have my personal blog here, I decided to make another blog strictly for mail-related purposes. That way, I can give this url to my mail artist friends and they don't have to sift through a bunch of family stuff to get to the good mail. :)

I'm not too great at taking pictures consistently but this will be good motivation and I'll try to record incoming and outgoing stuff. It's kinda hard to take pictures of the incoming though because my first instinct is to rip the envelope open... *grin*

A few things about myself:

I've been penpal-ing for 6 years now (this month actually-exactly six years!) and I just recently caught the mail-art bug. Still more recently, I caught the sending-art-to-strangers madness many thanks to send something. Which is probably one of the best websites ever... I love sending acts of postal kindness and go through a great many stamps, like most people who often send mail. I am particularly fond of sending long letters and doodling a lot in them, not in the margins but to illustrate what I'm talking about. It makes the whole letter-writing process that much more fun!!