Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Disgust Myself. And Mail.

I have been so bad about blogging my mail!! I've been taking lots of pictures!! But I've been terrible about posting! I'm sorry! :/


 ^from Annette

 ^from Node Pajomo!

 ^A lovely package from Megs!! 

^Sparkles from Emmalynn


 Valentine's Mail!! I sent out lots of Valentine's featuring Charles Dickens, my latest favorite author. I love him!

 Reply for PaJomo!

 ^letter for the Meyers. This was for a school project
 For Nicole in Massachusetts! I really like her; she's a neat gal!
Chinese New Year mail for Megs

 Mail for Angelia at A Year of Letters. I hope that stayed intact through the post. That right there is some crazy mesh stuff. It was a great experiment.

And lastly but not leastly, a letter for the 2011 Letters Project. This project is a family aiming to get 2,011 letters in 2011. They have three homeschooled girls who are eager to learn more about the world through letters! Isn't that wonderful? I love it!

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  1. Yeah,it looks like the postal machine did mess up your cactus since I see what it was supposed to look like.Oh well,we still enjoyed your letter (2011 letter project) & will try to post it soon,I've just been behind with homeschooling and housework....it never ends. :) Thanks again for your truly wonderul letter...I didn't know cacti had muscles & that they could get week and make their arms droop down...quite interesting,I think.Like they say,you learn something new everyday. :)



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