Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japanese Junk and More!

It feels like it's been awhile since I posted mail pictures. Maybe that's because I had to load like 19 or so... O_o Anyways, lots of mail candy:


From Anjelia! Which I still need to reply to... I am working on it.

A postcard from Node Pajomo. Which, if you are interested, his next mail zine is coming out April 1st. I got his last mail zine and it was pretty awesome!!

WHO: PJM (no one knows his real name...)
WHAT: Node Pajomo, a zine about mail, full of mail art calls, addresses, etc.
WHEN: It comes out quarterly
WHERE: Node Pajomo, PO Box 2632, Bellingham WA 98227-2632, USA.
WHY: Because it's awesome!
HOW: Send a dollar (cash or stamps)  International is $2 USD per issue.

It's pretty cool and he's a neat guy. But moving on.

Mail from RUSSIA!!! This is from Annie. She's a neat gal. Sadly, it takes a month (to my estimates) for mail to go to/from Russia but it's worth it.

A closer look at the stampage!


I got TWO packages in the same day! (This was on Monday) And that's also a pc from Nicole and a letter from Fatima.

The big package on the bottom was from Stephanie and she sent me a bunch of Japanese Junk!!! Hooray!!

This might sound silly, but I asked her to send it to me. For mail art!! So she sent me a bunch of newspapers and ads and little fliers that, if you lived in Japan, you would probably throw away. The saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" seems to really fit the description.

Four Fabulous Newspapers. (Or maybe it's just one; who knows?) The newspapers, when you unfold them are actually really really big. O_o I was so thrilled when I opened this package... You have no idea.

Stephanie was studying abroad in Japan for a year but due to the earthquakes, she was recently sent home to the States for spring quarter.

Then the other package was smaller:

But JUST as awesome!!! This was from Larry Angelo in NY, NY. He got my address from PJM and sent me a bunch of neat stuff. There were pictures of artwork and a few little things and that yellow Crabe Gazette thing right there on top?? That (I think) is a mail art documentation!!!!

I was so excited to actually see one!! It was in French though so I had to type everything into Google Translate to understand it. The main thing holding me back from starting my own mail art call was not knowing how to document it so this was awesome. Yay! So I have to send him something truly fantabulous back. For sure.

now, the OUTGOING:

PC/Thank you note for Stephanie

Which I had to take a picture of the back because I thought it was cool...

pc reply for PJM. Look! I used the Japanese newspaper!!! And yes, that is a photocopy of my hand. :)

More Japanese stuff!! For Mattea this time.

More Japanese art (not with authentic stuff from Stephanie..) This letter was for Lauren in CO. I wrote the haiku that is on the envelope. (It took forever to write since Japanese syllables are different from English ones and I don't speak Japanese..)

postcard for Christian. Watercolor pencils and sharpie.

squirrel post for Nicole. I have been experimenting with Rubber stamp carving!! And I made that squirrel stamp!! (It's kinda hard to see but it's there.)

Letter for Bethany

And a birthday card for her.

Pink mail art. I wrote the address in after. I think this went to Nicole.

More pink mail for Annie.

And some tropical mail for Megs!!

And that concludes my barrage of mail pictures.

I've noticed that I've been very into Japan and pink lately. I don't know why... I mean, Japan is understandable but even before the quakes, I was on a Japan kick. And the pink... I don't know what's up with that. I think my brain might still be stuck on Valentine's day since I didn't send enough pink mail then... Shrug. Who knows?

Over and Out,


  1. (this is Stephanie haha)
    Misha, your cards are sooo cool XDD I'm happy that the stuff I sent gets turned cooler just by mailing it to a different place in the world!! haha. I can't wait to get mine!! (^________^)


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